Bigelow Mobile Tea Bar 2014

Published September 16, 2014 on the CTPost:

“FAIRFIELD — When Bigelow Tea’s leadership decided to spread their passion for tea across the nation, they knew not just any form of transportation would do.

‘We did a lot of work trying to find the perfect vehicle,’ said Tim Richmond, the company’s marketing project manager.

The Fairfield-based business found that vehicle in a 1977 Air Stream travel trailer it converted into its first-ever Mobile Tea Bar, unveiled Tuesday.

Featuring 40 different tea flavors and several bar stools, the inside of the trailer was converted into a mini bar, with images of the Bigelow family and the tea company’s history lining the walls. Intimate, professional, but fun is how Cindi Bigelow, president of Bigelow Tea, describes the 31-foot trailer.

‘The team did an amazing job of creating a vehicle that has the spirit of who we are,’ she said. ‘This is our way to share with people that we’re a family company. We’re an American family that is passionate about tea.’

The Mobile Tea Bar’s first stop will be Sunday in Boston. Then it will continue to New York and New Jersey before traveling to street fairs and festivals in large cities across the nation.

The tour marks the start of the company’s 70th anniversary celebration.

At each location, customers will also be able to take a photo with ‘Biggie,’ Bigelow Tea’s walking mug mascot, and share it with the company through Twitter and Facebook.

‘Consumers are becoming more and more educated about tea and seeking a deeper level of interaction than ever before,’ said Richmond. ‘We realized in celebrating our 70th anniversary we really wanted to get out there and spread the tea experience with our consumers.’

First Selectman Michael Tetreau said he recently visited the Sarasota, Florida, airport and a bed and breakfast in Maine, where Bigelow tea was served.

‘I’m amazed at how much innovation goes through every aspect of your business,’ he said, addressing the Bigelow family. ‘I don’t think there’s even a software development company that is more innovative than what you are and what you’re doing here. How about that?’

Eunice Bigelow, co-chairman of the company along with her husband David Bigelow Jr., said their daughter has done a great job using social media to move the company forward and place the brand in the public eye.

‘We don’t do a lot of advertising so this is going to be great advertisement for us,’ Eunice Bigelow, whose in laws started Bigelow tea, said. ‘When you go across the country and see a big mobile tea bar you’re going to pay attention.’

Cindi Bigelow said people often forget that the company is family-run and smaller than some of its competitors. ‘We don’t have all the money the big boys have but this is a big investment for us,’ she said.”

By Keila Torres Ocasio