Tropical Island Paradise Suddenly Appears on the Hudson River

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NEW YORK, Oct. 14 /PRNewswire/ – This Columbus Day, it’s a new world of FINE LIVING for all New Yorkers who witness a tropical island paradise appear on the Hudson River as New York City’s “sixth borough.”

For Rob and Emily Hache, on a year-long, whimsical “radical sabbatical” in search of the spirit and soul of America, this is the quintessential stop on their nationwide journey. The Haches’ captivating adventures are now being chronicled on the FINE LIVING network and on

New York City’s latest attraction, the FINE LIVING Island, created by Scripps Networks’ newest network and website, embodies the FINE LIVING brand philosophy: “Live like you mean it.” With a heated hut and plenty of amenities on their own 5,400 square-foot private island, Rob and Emily Hache and their dog Dudley clearly have no intention of roughing it as “survivors.” They’ll be enjoying the good life – and encouraging New Yorkers to share in that FINE LIVING spirit – during their stay on their own private island Monday, Oct. 14 (Columbus Day holiday) through Thursday, Oct. 17. Scripps Networks, FINE LIVING and the Haches also will be on the island to celebrate the channel’s debut in New York City on Time Warner Cable (channel 144).

With carriage commitments already at more than 12 million subscribers since FINE LIVING began its rollout in March 2002 – including DIRECTV (channel 232) – the network ranks among the fastest-growing in the industry. Its companion web site, , is also achieving prominence as an empowering resource to save time and money, offering useful and entertaining lifestyle information.

“New York City is clearly the ultimate destination in FINE LIVING’s quest to explore the heart and soul of America,” Ken Solomon, president of FINE LIVING, commented. “Here at the crossroads of the world, New Yorkers pride themselves on living life like they mean it. On Fifth Avenue, on Broadway and throughout the boroughs, New Yorkers pursue an unrivalled passion for quality that transcends income level and reflects the mosaic of lifestyles there.”

“That spirit exemplifies the FINE LIVING programming philosophy on our network, the extensive lifestyle resources on our website and now the Haches’ unique adventure on their own private island paradise on the Hudson River under the gaze of the Statue of Liberty,” Solomon added.

With cameras rolling, TV viewers and website visitors will be able to enjoy the island adventure along with Rob, Emily and Dudley. A digital photo album, online journal and interactive road map also will be available at

In addition, visitors to the website also will be able to suggest subsequent stops for the Haches once they leave the island. The New York adventure is the latest stop for Rob and Emily Hache’s “Found in America: A Cross-Country Radical Sabbatical,” a popular short-form original series on the FINE LIVING network.

The Haches, in their mid-30s, left their home and jobs, gave away their belongings and embarked on their quest.


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