Mini Cooper

Mini in a Stadium

Mini Cooper had two goals for its US debut: generate interest and curiosity in hundreds of thousands of people and give the Mini a larger than life personality. EventNetUSA placed the never-before-seen Mini Cooper in the stands of the New Orleans Saints Super Dome during a Monday Night Football Game.

Stadium fans enjoyed an up-close look at the Mini and TV viewers got a glimpse each time the Saints made a play in the end zone. Mini in a Stadium appeared on live TV broadcasts an average of once every 4 ½ minutes and was mentioned multiple times by sports announcers, gaining the brand major publicity.


  • To ensure maximum exposure and TV appearances, EventNetUSA identified and secured a location for the Mini behind the End Zone
  • Removed 50 stadium seats and positioned the Mini using a fork lift and specially fabricated support braces to secure the car’s placement
  • Contracted 15 Brand Ambassadors to act as sports fans and wear body paint spelling out “Mini Says Go Saints”
  • Each time the Saints scored, brand ambassadors drew attention to the Mini by honking the horn and flashing its lights, giving it the same enthusiasm and personality of an excited sports fan


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