Sampling / Street

Even if we’re doing a gueriilla program its never guerilla its never blind Market research, target audience breakdown, scouting, routing, pre-scheduled visits, tactical, strategic, specific, innovative tactical and strategic pre-planned routing, knowing where your audience is Strategic and tactical routing to reach your audience where they work, live and play


  • Introduced La Croix sparkling water to over 1 million consumers across 35+ markets
  • La Crox PTA program
  • Surprise & Delight at PTA meetings, car lines, teacher recognizition
  • Overtook San Diego fleet week turning it into a Silk Milk Festival
  • CELSIUS guerrilla supporting TM sponsorshipat gyms, beaches, lifestyle locations
  • Hilton macys thanksgiving day parade
  • BCBS enrollment lead generation program (street signs, flyers)
  • Centerwell neighborhood canvassing
  • T-Mobile grand opening promotions

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